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🌟 Hey Beautiful Soul! Ready to Take Your Journey to the Next Level? 🚀

I see you're committed to embracing self-love, and I'm thrilled to offer you a special invitation. How about we make this experience even more personal? Imagine a dedicated 1:1 coaching session designed just for you! In this exclusive time together, we'll dive deep into your unique story, tackle any roadblocks, and amplify the impact of the Multi-Orgasmic program. Think of it as your secret weapon for a more profound transformation. Spots are limited, and I'd love to be a part of your personal growth journey. Hit "Add to Order" now, and let's make this self-love journey uniquely yours! 🌈💖

Multi-Orgasmic Course

Over 200 women have already made their pleasure a priority with this TikTok viral course featured in Cosmopolitan.

I walk you through my tips, tricks, and practices on how I achieve 10-30+ orgasms through partnered sex and give you the tools so you can learn how to become multi-orgasmic too!

What you get:

  •  mini-course with over 60 minutes of video trainings
  •  easy-to-read 11 page PDF guide
  •  BONUS 30 minute guided orgasmic meditation


With this course you can expect to:

  •  Experience more pleasure + more Os
  •  Learn techniques, tips + tools to increase satisfaction
  •  Boost your confidence in the bedroom
  •  Improve your relationship + communication skills


Private Client Testimonials:

“Catherine is pure magic”

“With Catherine, I've learned how to set healthy boundaries in my relationships, tune into my own needs, accomplish goals consistently & give myself the grace to grow from my mistakes."

“I really enjoyed Catherine's unique and intuitive approach. She made me feel safe, happy and secure even through some of the BIG things that came up for me. She facilitated an incredible transformation, amplified the magic and helped me to relax into the healing with total ease and comfort.”

“We did real real real deep work that was absolutely life changing in the hour we had together. I had so many breakthroughs!”

“It was AMAZING!! When I’m really in it I get this shiver in my body, like there’s just shivers the whole time, it’s amazing.”

“Catherine is the embodiment of what she preaches and serves as a role model for all of her clients. I now have the tools and awareness to create change within me that will take me to the next level.”


Must be 18+ to purchase. No refunds.