$197.00 USD

S*x Magic

Ready to manifest your truest desires from a place of pleasure?

Sex + relationship coach Catherine Drysdale is your personal guide into the energetics of sexuality, the 5 steps of manifesting, how to set an impactful goal, and how to use the power of sexuality to fuel your manifestations.


The workshop ends with Catherine leading you into a state of orgasmic ecstasy — so get comfortable and grab your tools 😉



- 90 minute replay of the virtual workshop

- 30 minute guided orgasmic meditation



- Watch with a notebook + pen, water, and the intention to be fully present throughout

- Bring anything you need to set the mood for the guided experience like lube, toys, etc


You’re going to want to clear your calendar and put your phone on DND for this 😉




“That was absolutely amazing! There was so much value in this, it should easily be a $100+ workshop. People who are not here are missing out, and the people who are here are getting SOO much value. Catherine is such a natural at teaching — this is what she was born to do. Witnessing Catherine's queen energy was so powerful too. This workshop is knowledge that everyone should know.”


“I haven’t had an O like that in….possibly ever? I loved visualizing all those manifestations and picturing myself being THERE experiencing them as opposed to conjuring up some s*x imagination.”


“I am working on getting more in tune with my body/staying present. The background music and breath work really helped me! I was surprised by how much easier it made staying present.”


“I did s*x magic manifesting last night and...woah. Good shit is coming this year!”


Must be 18+ to purchase. No refunds.