Transform Your Life with Pleasure-Centered Coaching

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. I'm Catherine Drysdale, a passionate sex and relationship coach committed to helping you unlock your full potential for pleasure and fulfillment.


I'm Catherine Drysdale


Drawing from my own journey of overcoming trauma and navigating complex relationships, I bring a unique blend of empathy, understanding, and expertise to my coaching practice. As a board-certified coach and practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Hypnosis, I've dedicated myself to mastering powerful tools for personal growth and healing.


How It Works:

Over the course of 3 to 6 transformative months, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through weekly coaching sessions. Each session is a focused 90-minute deep dive into uncovering the root causes of your challenges and unlocking your true potential for pleasure and fulfillment.

Our journey begins by setting clear intentions for our time together, ensuring that every session is purposeful and results-driven. We'll start by exploring your unique experiences, desires, and obstacles in the realm of intimacy and pleasure.

Using a combination of proven techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis, and Reiki, we'll dive into your subconscious mind to identify and address any deep-seated beliefs or traumas that may be holding you back.

These subconscious tools are particularly effective for creating lasting transformation because they bypass surface-level behaviors and address the underlying patterns and programming that shape your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By rewiring your subconscious mind, we can release old patterns, fears, and limitations, allowing you to step into a new reality filled with confidence, pleasure, and fulfillment.

Through targeted exercises and personalized guidance, you'll learn practical tools and strategies to navigate your relationships with confidence and clarity. Whether you're struggling with communication, intimacy issues, or self-esteem challenges, I'll provide unwavering support and expert guidance every step of the way.

By the end of each session, you'll walk away feeling empowered and equipped with actionable steps to implement positive change in your life. Together, we'll uncover new pathways to pleasure and create lasting transformation in your relationships and overall well-being.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Reach out today to secure your spot and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and pleasurable existence.


“Sex is something that’s exciting and I regularly look forward to it, have conversations about it and explore things I want to try. There’s a lot possible with a baseline of pleasure – gives ourselves a chance to get freakier – excited to see what it looks like when we move in together” 

- Isa

"With Catherine, I've learned how to set healthy boundaries in my relationships, tune into my own needs, accomplish goals consistently & give myself the grace to grow from my mistakes."

- Ariel

“Catherine is the embodiment of what she preaches and serves as a role model for all of her clients.  I now have the tools and awareness to create change within me that will take me to the next level.” 

- Glenna

Transform Your Life with Self-Love, Intimacy, and Increased Pleasure

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“Right now that i'm in a good place, emotionally and sexually. I've been using the tools we've talked about and they're quite helpful. My relationship feels like it’s in a good place. I'm experiencing both emotional intimacy and physical intimacy. I’m living in the moment and feeling present during sex.” 

- Monica

“Thank you soooo much Catherine! My wife and I really enjoyed the scene you planned for us. It feels good knowing I have the support exploring my desires and a safe space to do so. You’ve helped us take our fantasies to new places and we’re excited to see where this takes us.” 

- R

“I really enjoyed Catherine's unique and intuitive approach. She made me feel safe, happy and secure even through some of the BIG things that came up for me. She facilitated an incredible transformation, amplified the magic and helped me to relax into the healing with total ease and comfort.” 

- Darcie

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